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About Us

About Us

Thank you for visiting Prairie Sighthounds. Here is some background info on me, PrairieWolf Adams and how I came to fall in love with this wonderful breed.

I started my life with Ibizans back in 1994 with 2 smooth coats, a brother and sister who you can see in my photos section. They got me hooked on the wonderful world of Ibizan Hounds and their activities. I have shown in conformation, as well as having participated in both AKC & ASFA lure coursing trials. I have trained for competition obedience, but have never entered a real competition. I took a break from lure coursing and hope to get back into it again, as I miss it and it is breathtaking to watch a hunting hound perform in the field. I hope to try agility with my current Ibizans as well. I now own 1 wire bitch, and 3 of her offspring 2 wire coat males & a wire coat female. All my breeding stock must have good temperaments & have passed their OFA, eyes, BAER & thyroid tests. In Oct 2001, we added our 1st 2 legged companion, my husband Chris who is also enamored by this breed and will be my helper for future Ibizan litters & showing.

I feed ALL my dogs the B.A.R.F diet. BARF is an acronym for Bones And Raw Foods or Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods. I do not believe that our beloved companions were meant to eat extruded non human grade "waste" in a bag. I try to feed my dogs a diet more like they would get if they were in the wild. I also prefer to treat problems more holistically & as naturally as possible. Nowadays with cancers, skin/allergy problems, autoimmune disorders, temperament problems, diabetes, liver/kidney problems etc. on the rise, the "cure" seems to be worse than the disease with long lists of horrible side effects in perscription medications. I also do not beileve in vaccinations, which are not the harmless product the vets claim them to be. When one looks at the ingredients of a vaccine you will find among other things FORMALDEHYDE (used to embalm dead things,carcinogen), THIMOROSAL (mercury!), ALUMINUM (suspected cardio/blood toxicant & neurotoxicant), and many other things that should NOT be put into a living being. Also MLV vaccines (modified live virus) are shed in dogs and cats in the urine & feces, which is why there is so many "outbreaks" of certain diseases like parvo. I have talked with to many people who have lost their beloved pets simple because they DID vaccinate them, their pet came down with the disease soon after being vaccinated for it and they died.
The reason for feeding a BARF diet is to get the pets immune system's back where they should be which is able to fight off diseases they may come across naturally. Commercially fed pets have a much lower immune system which easier allows them to become sick, and even right on the vaccine instructions it says that a vaccine should ONLY be given to a healthy pet, BUT a lower immune system like most commercial fed pets have is NOT healthy.
If you would like to learn more about the BARF diet & the hazards of vaccinations please read my areas on health,diet & vaccines as well as look at my list of recommended books to read.
You may also join these email groups for more info as well as asking any questions you may have. jstsayno2vaccs email list and Barfworld email list

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Many problems that are seen today in vet clinic's all over the world can be cured simply by feeding a species appropriate diet ie: the BARF diet, eliminating vaccines and having your pet helped by a homeopathic consultant or practitioner. Please feel free to browse the great links on BARF & holistic info I have on my main page. There you will see why I no longer feed commercial kibble or give vaccinations.