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Dog & Cat Books New & Used

Dog & Cat Books New & Used

Here are our list of new & used books available for sale. We will do our best to give as best a description on used books as possible. All used books are in good readable condition with lots of life left to give.

The New Complete Afghan Hound
New 4th ed. Hardback by Constance Miller & Edward Gilbert Jr.
288pgs many blk/wht photos & some pedigrees
$13.00 (2 avail)

What My Cat Has Taught Me About Life
Meditation For Cat Lovers by Niki Anderson
Used,but very good condit. 182pgs SC $5.00 (1 avail)

Cat Care
1989 HC by Dagmar Thies
Used in very good condit. $5.00 (2 avail)

How To Housebreak Your Dog In 7 Days
By Shirlee Kalstone,
Mild cover damage, slight staining on inside front cover
68pgs SC $3.50 (1 avail)

Companion Dogs
How to Choose, Train & Care For Them
By Arthur Liebers HC 1973, has many show photos of
around 50+ of most popular breeds. Has most damage to paper
dust jacket, book seems to be in good condition
$5.00 (1 avail)

Norwegian Elkhounds
By Anne Katherine Nicholas, TFH HC 192pgs, 170+ color
illistrations. Used, both in very good condition.
$5.00 (2 avail)

Lhasa Apsos
A Complete Pet Owners Guide SC 71pgs
blk/wht & color photos By Wehrmann
good condition used with slight damage on some edging

The Lhasa Apso
by Carolyn Herbel, 158pgs HC New
many color photos
$8.00 (1 avail)

Lhasa Apsos
by Diane McCarty, used HC very good condit.
still has plastic cover. 160pgs, many color photos
$5.00 (1 avail)

How To raise & Train A Lhasa Apso
by Patricia & Thomas Chenoweth, used
has some damage to edges/covers, slight staining here and there
96pgs SC TFH with color photos.
$3.00 (1 avail)

The Howell Book Of Puppy Raising
By Charlotte Schwartz, 175pgs HC
Used, many blk/wht photos decent good condition
$8.00 (1 avail)

English Springer Spaniel
by Diane McCarty, HC Used 125pgs
blk/wht photos in good condition
$6.50 (1 avail)

by Joyce Reynaud, HC Used 125pgs
blk/wht & color photos. In good condition
$5.00 (1 avail)

The Mini Atlas Of Dog Breeds
by Andrew De Prisco & James B Johnson
Used HC good condition still has $29.95 new pricetag on it
400+ breeds represented in 500+ full color photos
$15.00 (1 avail)

The Chihuahua
by E. Ruth Terry, used HC good condition
158pgs, many color photos
$5.00 (1 avail)

Bichon Frise
by Martin Weil, used HC minor binding damage
past owners name in book
157pgs, many color photos
$4.50 (1 avail)