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Doggy Stuff

Doggy Stuff

We have come across some stuff in our daily lives we feel other doggy owners would like to have also. We decided to offer a lot of what we have found here on our website and now and again we offer items on Ebay & Yahoo Auctions. We understand how difficult it cam be to find some of these doggy items we have found so we are happy to offer them to you tax free as we have already paid the tax, you only pay for the item(s) you buy + shipping and handling. We do have some kitty items too for those doggy lovers who also have kitty companions!
Also we are limited in what we have to offer as we do not order from distributors. This is stuff we have found and usually we bought all they had so our stock is limited to what we have on hand unless otherwise stated. We will list quantity available on all items where applicable. Please see our page on how to order from us here

Dog Breed Rubber Stamps

Dog Books New & Used

Dog & Cat Notepads

Dog Collectables

NuVet Vitamin & Joint Suppliments