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Holistic & Homeopathic Info

Holistic & Homeopathic Info

For People & Pets

Here are good links I have come across in my research on things (W)holistic and homeopathic. Please let me know if any of these links stop working. I've taken the time to bring these links to you so that your beloved family members can hopefully become healthier. Please note that to utilize any of these vets or consultants you need NOT be local, most will do phone consultations and do not need to actually see your pet to make an acurate diagnosis. Those who practice homeopathy ask you many many questions about your pet. They ask how they are emotinally as well as ask you to describe physical traits and personality characteristics. The answers to these questions will give the practioner a picture of your pet and helps them to pinpoint what remedy would best suit your pets overall symptoms and emotional being.

Desert Animal Wellness Center Dr Judy Stolz,DVM,ND Chandler,AZ
Adored Beast Holistic Clinic Vancouver B.C
Pawsitive Veterinary Care Dr Moira Drosdovech, Kelowna, B.C
Animal Natural Health Center Dr Richard Pitcairn,DVM,PhD Eugene,OR
Homepathic Treatment Of Animals
Wild Again Wildlife Rehab Uses homeopathy to rehab wildlife
National Center For Homeopathy
Homeopathways Karen Cohen D.C,CCH
Dr Goodpet On Homeopathy
Jeffrey Levy, DVM,PCH Williamsburg,MA
Bright Haven Holistic Animal Retreat
The Healing Oasis Dr Pedro Luis Rivera, Sturtevant,WI
Dr Charles Loops,DVM Pittsboro,NC
Dr Michael Dym,VMD Moorestown,NJ
Cache Creek Vet Clinic Dr Bert Brooks,DVM, Woodland,CA
Russell Swift,DVM South Florida
AMC Homeopathy David Doré,MD (AM)BSc,(Hons),MSc,PhD,DSc,LLCCH,FBIH,MHMA
Holistic Animal Clinic Joe Demers,DVM
Anna Maria Scholey MA Vet.MB MRCVS Dallas, TX area
Pat McKay Pasadena,CA
It's For The Animals Helen L. McKinnon, Fairview,NC
Fairfield Animal Hospital William Pollak,DVM, Fairfield,IA
Clear Skies Chiropratic Dr. John Parlier, Roswell,GA
Larry A. Bernstein,VMD,PCHom North Miami Beach,FL Good site for learning about Classical Homeopathy
Four Winds Holistic Animal Services Sandra A Priest,DVM Knoxville,TN
Margate Animal Hospital Dr. Mark D. Newkirk, BS.,MS.,VMD Margate,NJ
Happy Tails Veterinary Serv Dr. Jill Elliot,DVM Manhattan,NY
Arrow Root Remedy Sources
Hannemann Labs Remedy Sources
Homeopathy Overnight Remedy Sources
ABC Homeopathy Remedy Sources
A2Z Homeopathy Remedy Sources
Washington homeopathics Remedy Sources
Dog Owner's Guide