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Vaccine Links For Humans

Vaccine Links For Humans

Here are good links I have come across in my research on vaccines and their dangers. Please let me know if any of these links stop working. I've taken the time to bring these links to you so that your beloved family members can hopefully become healthier. All it takes is 1 vaccine to cause life long dis-ease. Childhood illness and diseases are on the rise and most are due to infant vaccines. S.I.D.S, asthma, seizures, allergies, ADHD, ADD, diabetes ect. Please educate yourself on the dangers of their use, so that YOU may make the educated decision for what is best for YOU and YOUR family. Know what is in your vaccines and what true immunity involves. Your doctors tell you what they are told by the pharmaceutical companies, most have no clue that any of these problems could possibly be related to vaccines, or vaccinosis.

Adjuvants In Vaccines
Vaccine article by Alan Cantwell Jr, MD
Vaccine article by James Le Fanu UK
Vaccine article by Dr Richard Halvorsen
Vaccination: The Shot That Keeps On Shooting
Dr Vernon Coleman, MB ..His feelings on vaccines
Unvaccinated Children by Richard Moskowitz, M.D.
Vaccine Ingredients
Vaccine Ingredients pt 2
Do Vaccines Disable The Immune System?
Vaccines And Their Effects by Meryl Nass MD
Vaccine Liberation
National Vaccine Info Center
Global Vaccine Institute
Vaccine Safety Website
Concerned Parents For Vaccs. Safty
Vaccines Alter DNA
Vaccinations: Friend Or Foe?
Dispelling Vaccine Myths
Are New Vaccines Laced With Birth Control Drugs?
Vaccines & Sudden Infant Death Syndrome