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Ibizan Hound Info And Characteristics

Ibizan Hounds are a very ancient breed. The breed dates back at least 5000 years to the time of the Pharaohs of Egypt. They were bred to hunt rabbit, small game and Gazelle. They hunt by sight, scent, and hearing, and use all three senses to their utmost.

Ibizans can be either smooth or wire coat, both being hard textured. Wire coat may be 1-3 in. in length with a possible generous beard.

Allowed colors are red(from dark red to light tannish yellow called "lion") and white. They may be either solid colored or with any amount and pattern of white, but only those two colors allowed.

Size for males is from 26-28 in. Bitches from 24-26 in. Weight for males is 55-65lbs and bitches from 45-55lbs. Sizes slightly under or over not penalized for overall good specimens.

Temperament is lively and friendly to both other animals and people. They may be reserved with strangers, but should never be shy or aggressive. They are very loyal to family, and make very good house dogs. They can bark, but are not know for being excessive barkers though there are exceptions to every rule.

Life expectancy is from about 10-14 years if taken care of and fed with a good diet, and exercise.

Ibizans are still used to hunt, and lure course(simulate live game hunting). They also can excell in Agility as the breed is reknowed for their agility.Ibizans can jump 9 ft straight up with no take off. Many people would think that all Ibizans would be hard to keep because of their jumping ability, but the fact is most never even try to jump their fence. Like I have said there are exceptions to every rule though. Obedience can be done if training is done with a lot of praise, love, and Patience. Ibizans are extremely intelligent and can do most anything if trained properly.