Make your own free website on've read everything there is to read on the Ibizan Hound? Despite it all you're still keen on getting that quality bred, quality raised puppy? If so, the next step is finding a reputable breeder you can live with. After having visited my website, do you think I might be someone you would like to consider as a breeder? If so please take a few moments to answer the following questions so that I might get to know you as well.
Prairie Sighthounds Ibizan Questionnaire
What's your name?

Where are you from?

Your e-mail address?

Do you currently own any pets? Please include their ages, breed & sex.

Are they spayed/neutered?

Have you owned other dogs before? If yes, what happened to them?

Have you ever owned an Ibizan? If yes, what happened to him/her? ?

Are you willing to keep a dog/puppy bought from Prairie Sighthounds on a natural raw diet? If no explain why.

How did you become interested in the Ibizan Hounds?

What books or literature have you read about the Ibizan Hounds?

Have you spoken to other breeders about the Ibizan Hound? If so, who?

Are you familiar with a the Ibizans characteristics and temperament? Have you read my page titled Info & Characteristics? If not, might I suggest you do so before continuing with the questionnaire.

What do you want in a dog? What are your expectations?

How long do you plan to own your Ibizan for?

How many hours will you have to spend with a new puppy?

Are you familiar with crate training? If so, what are your thoughts regarding crate training your Ibizan?

Are you willing to sign and honor a legal binding contract?

Are you willing to put down a non-refundable good faith deposit for your puppy?

Where will your Ibizan live?

Are you planning on breeding this Ibizan?

What gender do you want?

What coat type do you prefer?

What color do you prefer?

What activities do you plan to do with your Ibizan, check all that apply:
Lure Coursing
Show Conformation

Are you willing to attend obedience class, or some type of class geared towards positive motivational training if available?

Individual information:

Age of every family memeber?

Are you planning on children in the next 5 years?

Marital Status:

Do all of those in your household approve of a new four legged addition to the family?

Please describe your daily lifestyle. Please include hours away from home.

Do you own or rent your home? Condo? Apartment?

If applicable - does your landlord/homeowners assoc. approve of dogs?

Do you have a fenced yard? If yes, what type of fencing? Height of fencing?

Additional Comments or explanations?