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Raw & Natural Rearing Breeders

Raw & Natural Rearing Breeders

Here are some links to dog breeders who either at the least feed a raw diet, some that feed raw and vaccinate very little or those who feed a raw diet and do not vaccinate at all. Please let me know if any of these links stop working. I've taken the time to bring these links to you so that your new beloved pet can hopefully be as healthy as possible by coming from a breeder who is trying to give your new pup the best chance for a long and dis-ease free life. All it takes is 1 vaccine to cause life long dis-ease in your pet, and the rabies is the worst vaccine of them all. Please educate yourself on the dangers of their use, so that YOU may make the educated decision for what is best for you AND your loved pets. Also please note that I do NOT endorse any of these breeders, I only bring you their links so that you can contact these breeders, find out more about their health and nutrition beliefs for thier pets, then make the best and most INFORMED decision for you.


Jubilee Aires Airedale Terriers
Sagacious Airedale Terriers
Noble House Akitas
Kumikko Akitas
Sunapee Akitas
Ultimate Akitas
Mimmenuk Alaskan Malamutes
Spirit Run Alaskan Malamutes
IndyWOO Malamutes
Barbarian American Staffordshire Terriers
Cedar River American Staffordshire Terriers
Legends American Staffordshire Terriers
Batangabee Australian Cattle Dogs
Kalbarri Australian Cattle Dogs
Keldapark Australian Kelpie's
Adler Acres Australian Shepherds
Daybreak Australian Shepherds
Waterfall Australian Shepherds>
Rockin Red Ranch Australian Shepherds
Pinecrest Australian Shepherds


New World Basenjis
Mija Basenjis
Jasiri Sukari Basenjis
Savannah's Pride Basenjis
Sonbar Basenjis
Lendalbas Bassett Hounds
Windamyr Belgian Tervuren
Barenzehn Bernese Mountain Dogs
Kimberlite Bernese Mountain Dogs
Kythe Bernese Mountain Dogs
Pineberner Bernese Mountain Dogs
Silbertahl Bernese Mountain Dogs
Jaya's Border Collies
Mapledale Border Collies
Sooshine Border Collies
Braelair Border Terriers
Lepus Borzoi
Valeska Borzoi
Berzazz Bouvier's
Boyarka's Boxers
Falkor Boxers
Jipotima's Boxers
Kelgerri American Cocker Spaniels
New Castle Boxers
Sundance Boxers
Bayridge Boxers
Vineen Boxers
Best Betes Briards
Noble Bull Mastiffs
Bulloved Bulldogs


Renegade Caanan Dogs
J'Stone Cairn Terriers
Nidra Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
Peaksdown Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
Tallygold Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
Taywood Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
Retrievers Ect Chesapeake Bay Retrievers
Maitrey Chihuahua's
RockyBay Chinese Cresteds
Calla American Cocker Spaniels
Freedom American Cocker Spaniels
Kelgerri American Cocker Spaniels
Klad American Cocker Spaniels
Rythm Collies (Rough)
Wrangler Collies
Footfall Cardigan Welsh Corgi's
Damlen Cardigan Welsh Corgi's
Pawcific Cardigan Welsh Corgi's


Debbie's Baby Dachshunds
Blairwick Dalmations
Lendalbas Dalmations
HatTrick Dalmations
Paisley Dalmations
Ravenwood Dalmations
Adamas Doberman Pinchers
Fireax Doberman Pinchers
Kinetic Doberman Pinschers
Equinox Doberman Pinschers


Frog Holler Fila Brasileiros
Pikkinokka Finnish Spitz


Lakai German Pinschers
Ravines German Shepherds
Riveriene Farm German Shepherds
Snowy Creek German Shepherds
Timberlea German Shepherds
Leerburg German Shepherds
Snow Star German Shepherds
Tehillah German Shepherds
Jomari's German Shepherds
Zu Treuen Handen German Shepherds
Powheiri Glen Of Imaal Terriers
Conquerer Golden Retrievers
Fernfall Golden Retrievers
Marithyme Golden Retrievers
Glenloch Golden Retrievers
A Golden Retriever breeder
Goldigger Golden Retrievers
Midas Touch Golden Retrievers
Tangram Golden Retrievers
Allyndane Great Danes
SisCo Great Danes
Bayridge Great Danes
Sixstar Great Danes
Shakira Great Danes
Mythical Great Danes
Jaya's Great Danes
Von Bonehenge Great Danes
Waccabuc Great Danes
Aquiline Great Danes
Much Ado Great Danes
Blue Steel Great Pyrenees
Majik Greyhounds


Tintookie Irish Red & White Setter
Banterr Irish Terriers
Hooligan Irish Water Spaniels
D'Marra Italian Greyhounds
Equus Italian Greyhounds
Rhamah Italian Greyhounds
Uwharrie Italian Greyhounds


Majik Keeshonden
Peaksdown King Charles Spaniels">


Canaltowne Labrador Retrievers
Tangram Labrador Retrievers
Allegheny Labrador Retrievers
Star Kennel Lagotto Romagnolo
Ahlani Lhasa Apsos


Layclyf Manchester Terriers (Toy)
Victory Mastiffs
Gold Coast Mastiffs
New Beginnings Mastiffs


Gopher Canyon Neapolitan Mastiffs
Briggsbay Newfoundlands
Yahka Newfoundlands
Tollwest Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers
Pikkinokka Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers


Joyvnture Papillons
Sixstar Pembroke Welsh Corgi's
Tintookie Pointers
Sinclair Polish Lowland Sheepdogs (PONs)
Exceptional Poodles (Standard)
Avonti Poodles (Standard)
Tiara Poodles (Standard)
Sunkist Poodles
Bluegrace Portugese Water Dogs
Star Kennel Portugese Water Dogs


Eponarats Rat Terriers
Runamuck Rat Terriers
Bowbridge Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Esmond Rottweilers
Braxenburg Rottweilers
Chellen Rottweilers
Stoneridge Rottweilers
Trojan Rottweilers
RockyBay Rottweilers
Von Himmel Rottweilers


Rhamah Saluki
Chatanika Samoyeds
Ej Samoyeds
SunTrip Samoyeds
Kossov Samoyeds
Snow Star Samoyeds
Shalako Schipperke's
Skansen Schnauzer's (Giant & Standard)
Schnauzer Chronicles
Caber Feidh Scottish Deerhounds
Chartwell Scottish Deerhounds
Victory Scottish Terriers
Sittin Pretty Shetland Sheepdogs
Fayr Wynds Shetland Sheepdogs
LorWin Sheltand Sheepdogs
Rythm Shetland Sheepdogs
Holesome Shetland Sheepdogs
Hillsdale Shiba Inus
Mountain High Shiba Inus
Aniak Siberian Huskies
Maxnjay Staffordshire Bull Terriers
Diamond Paws Staffordshire Bull Terriers


Citadel Tibetan Mastiffs
Maitrey Tibetan Spaniels
Britwalds Tibetan Spaniels">


Daingeann Vizslas


Spectrum Weimerainers
Fireside Welsh Springer Spaniels
Whiteapple West Highland White Terriers
Chartwell Whippets
Gracegift Whippets
Lepus Whippets
Rhamah Whippets
Waccabuc Whippets


Coppertop Yorkshire Terriers