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Raw Diets & The Truth About Kibble

Raw Diets & The Truth About Kibble

Here are good links I have come across in my research on feeding a species appropriate diet, sometimes called a B.A.R.F diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods diet) or just simply called a raw diet. Please let me know if any of these links stop working. I've taken the time to bring these links to you so that your beloved pet can hopefully become healthier. Dog food, or kibble has only been around since WWII, before that dogs and cats were fed home prepared diets or raw diets. Dogs have now been reclassified as Canis Lupus Familiaris being as it is now known their DNA is almost exact as is their digestive tracts. Please don't forget to check out my recommended reading list here

Once you have truely learned what goes into making commercial dog kibble I would hope you would decide it is not in your pets best interest to be eating this stuff. Here are some awesome links to info I have gathered which will help you make an INFORMED decision about how to feed your pets a HEALTHY & NATURAL diet.

Info On Bones & Raw Foods Diets
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New Leaf Raw Feeding
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Vet Dr Ian Billinghurst's BARFWorld
Healthy Paws, Bones And Raw Foods Diet
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What is Really In Commercial Kibble
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