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Vaccine Links

Vaccine Links

Here are good links I have come across in my research on vaccines and their dangers. Please let me know if any of these links stop working. I've taken the time to bring these links to you so that your beloved pet can hopefully become healthier. All it takes is 1 vaccine to cause life long dis-ease in your pet, and the rabies is the worst vaccine of them all. Please educate yourself on the dangers of their use, so that YOU may make the educated decision for what is best for you AND your loved pets. Please don't forget to check out my recommended reading list here

The Rabies Vaccination Scam
Whats In A Shot
Vaccine Fillers & Ingred
Analysis Of Mercury In Vaccines
Vaccination In Animals
The Vaccine debate, by Catherine O'Driscoll
Vaccine Myths
Vaccinations For Cats: Helpful Or Harmful?
Rabies: Politics, Not A Disease
The Case Against Immunizations
Vaccinations: Friend Or Foe?
Vaccinosis by Dr Richard Pitcairn
Animal Disease & Vaccines by Dr Richard Pitcairn
Vaccine articles
It's For The Animals/Vaccines
Adored Beast Vet Clinic Canada